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Tuesday, August 21, 2012 - 

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 28-2012
        In Re: WTC, a minor, by his parent and natural guardian, Sandra Canty
        Hearing -    
        Plaintiff Attorney:  David A. Williams, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 2087-2010
        Virginia Joy vs. Robert Joy
        Hearing - Motion for Contempt and Sanctionsp   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Kelly A. Gaughan, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  Thomas E. Mincer, Esq.

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1410-2011
        Joy Tasco, Ellen Tasco and Daniel Tasco vs. Robins Nest, Valerie Petrycki, and Joseph Petrycki
        Other - Case Management Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Leonard Haberman, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  Maureen E. Kelly, Esq.

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1471-2012
        In Re: Joint Petition of J.G. Wentworth Originations, LLC and Maegan Herington vs.
        Hearing -    
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Robert A. Maro, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1493-2012
        Andrew Martin vs. Annemarie Romaine-Dolan
        Hearing - Emergency Petition for Modification of Custody   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Ronald M. Bugaj, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 2826-2010
        Julie Pierson vs. Thomas E. Pierson
        Hearing -    
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Ashley Zimmerman, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  Kelly A. Gaughan, Esq.

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1048-2012
        Lisa Quinn vs. Timothy Quinn
        Hearing - GAL Motion for Psychological Evaluations   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Kelly A. Gaughan, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  Matthew J. Galasso, Esq.

  • 09:00  AM   
        Docket #: 759-2009
        Irwin Seeman vs. Leonard Crescimanno d/b/a Cresci Construction
        Hearing -    
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Thomas F. Farley, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  Jan S. Lokuta, Esq.

  • 09:30  AM   
        Docket #: 1476-2012
        Chris Howe vs. Elizabeth Howe
        Mediation -    
        Plaintiff Attorney:  James Brown, Esq
        Defense Attorney:  Kelly Gaughan, Esq

  • 10:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1151-2012
        Aurora Bank FSB vs. Michael Dickmeyer, Joan Marlene Dickmeyer, The United States of America C/O The United States Attorney for The Middle District of PA
        Other - Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Allison F. Wells, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 10:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1112-2012
        HSBC Bank USA, as Trustee in Trust for Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Inc., Asset Backed Pass-through Certificates Series 2004-RP1 vs. Ernest Roundtree, Laurica Roundtree
        Other - Mortgage Foreclosure Dicversion Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Scott A. Dietterick, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 10:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1243-2012
        Bank of America, N.A. Successory by Merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing, L.P. f/k/a Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LP vs. Leslie A. Goldfinger, Denise M. Goldfinger
        Other - Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Jeremy J. Kobeski, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 10:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1023-2012
        Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as Certificate Trustee (Not in its Individual Capacity but Solely as Certificate Trustee) In Trust for Registered Holders of VNT Trust Series 2010-2 vs. Scott Edwards, Tina Edwards aka Tina Marie Edwards, aka Tina Marie J. Edwards
        Other - Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Thomas M. Federman, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 10:00  AM   
        Docket #: 1346-2012
        PNC Bank National Association vs. Annette Guma, Carlos M. Laboy
        Other - Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Kassia Fialkoff, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 01:00  PM   
        Docket #: 2481-2009
        Louis Degiorgis, Trustee of the Ginos Home Repair Plan and Trust dated July 17, 2001 vs. 3Gs Contracting, Inc., Joseph Falcone and Diane Wertman
        Argument - Petition to Compe   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Geff Blake, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  

  • 01:30  PM   
        Docket #: 2196-2009
        State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, as Subrogee of Joseph and Catherine Petruncio vs. RAKL Enterprise, Inc. d/b/a Rays Auto Repair
        Other - PreTrial Settlement Conference   
        Plaintiff Attorney:  Megan D. Hazel, Esq.
        Defense Attorney:  Eric Hamill, Esq.

  • 02:00  PM   
        Docket #: 241-2010
        Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company, as Subrogee of Cardinal Health, Inc. vs. E.W. Wylie Corporation, et al.
        Status Conferencere -    
        Plaintiff Attorney:  
        Defense Attorney:  

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